DREAM HUNTER - A National Wildlife Refuge Manager’s Memoir


                 C over photo by Scott W. Sharkey

Author Ed Crozier was raised on the prairies of western Minnesota. After obtaining a BS degree in wildlife management, he began a lifetime career in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service serving in a number of positions in the National Wildlife Refuge System.

   He has been awarded the U.S. Department of Interior's highest honors, the Meritorious Service and the Distinguished Service Awards and has an auditorium named in his honor in a major National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.

   He is a founder and the first refuge manager of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, founder and former vice chairman of the National Wildlife Refuge Association, a founder and former president of the Friends of Minnesota Valley, a charter member and a former president of the Minnesota Valley Trust, Inc., a founder and board director of the Blue Goose Alliance and a former mentor to Friends groups.

   DREAM HUNTER is a series of recollections   that roam from the author’s days as a youth through his nearly fifty years of working coast to coast with the National Wildlife Refuge System. The recollections are about his personal outdoor adventures and his experiences as a professional manager of several national wildlife refuges.

  Included are stories about growing up in a small town on the Minnesota prairie, working as a Forest Service fire-tower lookout, a Park Service fire fighter, a wilderness guide and as a wildlife manager in the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Other stories are about his escapades in the army, grassroots environmental activism, owning a hunting camp, living with bird hunting dogs, saving a valley, wildlife management, game law enforcement and the politics of managing a national wildlife refuge.